Sexual Assault Services Specialist-Tribal Sexual Assault Program (Regular- Full Time)

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Wind River Family and Community Healthcare
November 27, 2018
Open Until Filled

Hours: Monday-Friday, 8:00-4:45 with some variation


The Sexual Assault Services Specialist (SASS) will be under the supervision of Program Coordinator,and WRFCHCS Behavioral Health Director.

The overall purpose of this position is for creation of a comprehensive sexual assault direct intervention and related service program by the Northern Arapaho Tribe within its Wind River Family and Community Health Care System, Wind River Indian Reservation; to offer and/or coordinate comprehensive cross-system services of care for victims and survivors of sexual assault, their children, significant others and non-offending families members at time of crisis, through any court action and to continue throughout their healing journey; and to provide for sustainable post-grant inclusion of these services to insures continuity and continuation.

The WRFCHCS will promote recognition of Sexual Assault victimization in all its forms (including intimate partner violence, stranger, non-partner, co-worker violence and human trafficking) as a public health issue and embrace culturally-relevant and evidenced –based trauma-informed services to address, treat, heal and prevent victimization and re-victimization of adult survivors of sexual violence, their non-offending families/significant others.


WRFCHCS will provide comprehensive Sexual Assault Victim Services crisis services, advocacy and specialized support services during crisis, post-crisis and through the healing journey. The SASS will be responsible for crisis response services 24/7 service and coordinate arrangements of appointments and care services across systems and legal jurisdictions. The Sexual Assault Services Specialists. She/he will be familiar with and utilize all appropriate programs and service available. She/he will assist the victim/survivor in dealing with the trauma at the point of crisis and through the Healing Journey assisting in obtaining cross-walked services among the various medical, behavioral, social, justice victim supports and community resource systems.

The SASS will assist in arrangements for cultural healing services including working with SafeStar advocates, and insure survivor supportive counseling/strengthening groups in support of short and longer term healing services. Through WRFCHCS the SASS will arrange for/provide crisis intervention, expedited access to emergency/medical/behavioral health services and advocacy for victims of sexual assault and those collaterally affected (non-offending family members, significant others, and their children) crisis and post-crisis counseling, therapy, and support groups including culturally-based holistic healing groups, provide information/referral and services across legal and social support systems; and provide Circle of Healing services to survivors of any type of sexual violence no matter how recent or past, including services for the collateral victims of the sexual violence to provide healing and long standing supports on the survivor’s healing journey.

Provide and/or coordinate and care manage core sexual assault services including victim service response, crisis intervention, advocacy, information and referral, safety planning, case management, counseling /support groups and support for significant others including the victim’s non-offending family or household members;
Arrange for trauma-informed Circle of Healing supports and groups for survivors, families, friends, children of survivors to foster understanding of the hidden wounds that may be present (e.g. betrayal, trust, fear-responses), to promote understanding and emotional and physical safety and decrease long-term effects of the events on the survivor and healing circle members safety;
Assist in creation or adoption of culturally-relevant materials and methods of communicating healing strategies.

Coordinate services with the Fremont County Alliance for Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault with whom a MOA exists and with other relevant TSS/WRFCHCS and other crime victim service providers.

Coordinate and not duplicate services of the Trauma Support Services Specialists employed by WRFCHCS who delivery specific domestic violence, sexual violence, dating and stalking services to adults and with the Trauma Service services with Specialist in charge of the child advocacy center at WRFCHCS; and with the Intertribal Court based crime victim services provider.

Additional duties include:
· maintaining operations protocols;
· maintain statistical data;
· provide workgroup and community organizational support to the WRFCHCS

This position involves working with persons in crisis and their families hose behavior may be unpredictable.
The day to day workload will be conducted Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. However, on-call evening and weekend hours are also required as well as possible evening trainings/meetings for improved survivor access. This position is eligible for Flex time. The SASS shall demonstrate the highest standard of personal integrity, honesty, and truthfulness in all professional and personal dealings and demonstrate the highest standard of personal integrity, honesty, and truthfulness in all professional and personal dealings.
Bachelors in Social Work, certification preferred or related field; Or Associate Degree in Human Services field with minimum of 3 year experience in services to the victims of sexual assault, professional training and/or certification in crime victim services, and willingness to become certified through training arranged by the employer

The ability and skill to compile and write reports from various documents maintained within WRFCHCS

Communication skills are required to effectively to coordinate services between WRFCHCS and entities serving the Wind River Reservation.

Must have the ability to work under stressful situations and must be highly motivated to insure that the highest possible quality of care to sexual assault victims of regardless of age, sex, or sexual identity.

The SASS is under the direct supervision of the Project Coordinator, Behavioral Health Director. The supervisor sets all standards of work performance, develop deadlines and benchmarks for the work that needs to be completed. The SASS will perform the general and specific job duties of the position, maintains strict confidentiality of all client/patient information including all requirements of the Patient Protection and Accountability Act and Health Information Patient Protection Act, and established policies. The supervisor is kept informed of progress and potential issues. The work is reviewed in terms of effectiveness in meeting expected results.


Guidelines include WRFCHCS policies, procedures, and manuals, as well as federal, state and tribal laws/regulations and best practices in delivery of sexual assault services to persons of all ages in Indian Country. Judgment is required in applying the guidelines and making minor deviations to adapt the guidelines to specific cases.


The work requires knowledge of principles & practices in childhood trauma, social work and integrated systems approaches to health care delivery. Knowledge of the People of the Wind River Indian Reservation, tribal government structure and systems, including its health, welfare, and law enforcement/justice system is required. Must have a working knowledge of services to victims of crime and children/youth and families in crisis, treatment and recovery. Community organization and advocacy skills are required. Must have the necessary knowledge and education to gain a thorough understanding of the existing patient population that WRFCHCS serves. Requires the ability and business knowledge to develop calendars, schedules, data collection report, and informational/educational materials. Familiarity with tribal, federal, and state laws regarding sexual assault, the Violence against Women’s Act and court procedures preferred. General phone skills, office equipment, word processing and computer skills are required.

How to apply:
Complete a Northern Arapaho Tribal application form and submit it to the Northern Arapaho Human Resources program, or to the WRFCHC HR Director, Kevin Blankenship, at 511 N. 12th E. in Riverton, Wyoming. Applications can be mailed to Northern Arapaho Human Resources, P.O. Box 396, Fort Washakie, WY 82514. Applications can also be hand delivered to Northern Arapaho Human Resources at the Tribal Complex Building, located at 533 Ethete Road, Ethete, Wyoming, or to 511 N. 12th E. , Riverton, Wyoming. Indian preference applies.
Application forms and the full job description can be obtained on the Tribe’s website at, or at
For more information please call 307-335-3964/3970, or 307-463-4473. Fax Number: 307-335-3596.