Public Safety Program Officer

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January 7, 2019
January 18, 2019

Position Summary:
Responsible for overall program operation including grant oversight, hiring, supervision and training of staff, compliance with all Adam Walsh Act. Requirements including protocol and practice implementation. Serve as contact person for all questions related to SORNA. Provide community awareness, training. Prepare reports for NABC, evaluation.

Job Duties:
• Ensure Sex offenders are registered in compliance with Tribal Law.
• Learn and maintain database of sex offenders living, working, or going to school on the reservation.
• Ensure offender compliance by conducting home visits, employment visits, jail and other collateral contacts.
• Notifying other jurisdiction of sex offenders whereabouts in compliance with Tribal Law and Federal standards set forth on the Sex Offender registration and Notification Act/ Adam Walsh Act.
• Track and correlate prosecution of and referred report, maintain records and prepare reports on activates, cases, and contacts/. Submit reports to appropriate agency or organizational unit.
• Update and maintain public access to Sex offender listing at various locations as set forth in Tribal Code.
• Develop training in the Police Department to improve tracking of Sex Offenders
• Review Tribal Code/ Policy to improve changes for the safety of the Community.
• Provide oversight to probationers convicted of crimes involving Domestic Violence, Elder Abuse, Teen dating violence, and Stalking.
• Track and Correlate the prosecution of referred reports by the Prosecutor’s Office and ensure communication between Police, Prosecutor, Advocates, Judicial Department and Probation Department.
• Provide technical and policy information. Active member of Family Violence Service Providers Team and Tribal Sex Offender Tacking Team.
• Determine effectiveness of implemented consequences, tracking ongoing safety of victim, re-offenses by offender, and offender rate successful completion of probation.
• Direct all efforts to improving action and decisions at all levels of Enforcement to ensure Victims safety in cases of Domestic Violence, Elder Abuse, Teen dating violence, Stalking and Violation of Protection Orders.
• Assist and Guide persons mandated to supervise probation by the Tribal Court or other agencies.
• Provide probation and/ or Supervision to Sex Offenders mandated to probation granted by Tribal Court.
• Appropriate communication with Victims of Domestic, Elder Abuse, Teen dating violence, and Stalking.
• Work with Federal, State, and Tribal Jurisdictions in providing courtesy probation supervision services for Tribal members and Community residents.

• B.A in Criminal Justice or related field: Law Enforcement or other related experience.