Position: Assessment Specialist (4 – 6) (Regular, full-time or part-time)

Program:      Wind River Family and Community Health Care

Salary:      Negotiable 

Opening Date:      July 23, 2019

Closing Date:      Open Until Filled

Schedule:            Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday     Day or Overnight Shifts

Assessment Specialists for the


(Assigned 24/7 weekends and/or on-call; Full and Part-time positions available)

The Wind River Care4Kids Child and Youth Healing Center at the Prevention through Intervention Campus is an operation of the Wind River Family and Community Health, Northern Arapaho Tribe. The Community Assessment Response Team (CART) provides screenings, early intervention, comprehensive assessment and improved access to appropriate child development, behavioral health, physical health, forensic, and cultural wellness services. These services are available through self-referral, family referral, school referral, health and social services referral and by referral from law enforcement agencies and courts. Wind River Response Team members are available to address factors contributing to concerning behavior; increasing aspects of a young person’s life that keep them at home and out of juvenile justice and human service systems. Priority appointments and services are provided to children and youth that are in out-of-home care or otherwise court-involved.

As an Assessment Specialist for the WRFCHCS Response Team, you can expect to conduct the intake, assessment and release of youth transported by law enforcement to the WRFCHCS Child and Youth Healing Center at the Prevention through Intervention Campus for behavior concerns or delinquency matters. Your daily activities include, but art not limited to, screening youth for immediate medical and behavioral health needs; assessing strengths, risks, and needs; creating case plans and coordinating the release of the youth to a caretaker, shelter care or other appropriately arranged for setting, and performing short-term case management that allows for continuing care and services from the Community Assessment Response Team. Through contracts and MOA with appropriate law enforcement and court services organizations, you will administer their required screening and assessments tools in addition to any required by the CART staff as an assistance to the required law enforcement gatekeepers in determining the most appropriate level of services for eligible youth. You may recommend electronic monitoring devices on youth eligible for law enforcement home detention; coordinate with the department of family services for shelter placements; and facilitate release to legal or designated caregivers. Your obligations as an Assessment Specialist also include database data entry, and creating detailed assessment reports for the youth when required by courts and services agencies.

Skills & Competencies:

  • Effective written and verbal communication skills
  • Familiarity with the Peoples of the Wind River Indian Reservation and community resources preferred

Training in motivational interviewing techniques preferred

  • Understanding of trauma-informed care principles/practices is a plus or will be provided
  • Experience working within child protection,  juvenile justice, shelter care and case management fields a plus


  • Promote and ensure safety, care and health of clients served.
  • Maintain a safe environment for clients through de-escalation procedures and can perform physical holds as a last resort when law enforcement or medical personnel are called to respond. 
  • Maintains constant supervision of clients. 
  • Maintains constant sight supervision of clients.
  • Professionally and accurately complete all documentation and paperwork required for the position including but not limited to documenting incident reports, client interactions, intake/discharge summaries and timecards.
  • Perform as the liaison between client and/or families and different support services.
  • Demonstrate the ability to have therapeutic one to one and group interaction with clients and how to document them correctly.
  • Effectively navigate client records to using the Agency designated systems to access the information necessary to schedule appoints and/or complete necessary paperwork.
  • Understands and maintains appropriate boundaries with staff, clients and outside agencies.
  • Accurate and timely administration of approved medication through the use of the self-administration process and knows the six rights of the clients in the self-administration process. 
  • Accurately complies with a variety of processes including but not limited to accurate head courts, changeover handoff communication and securing items that could endanger clients and staff.
  • Recognize and complies with unique security and safety requirements of a crisis shelter facility environment to include notifying on-call staff when necessary.
  • Demonstrate a good understanding of individual client needs, abilities and feelings including both developmental and cultural needs. Aware of emotions and behaviors typical of children and youth who have been abused, neglected and traumatized or under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Doesn’t personalize client feelings, situations etc.
  • Professionally communique with staff, clients outside vendors both verbally and in writing.
  • Safely transport clients to as necessary.
  • Ability to facilitate family meetings in a professional manner
  • Understanding of other community resources available to families in order to refer them to additional appropriate supports.
  • Assist in organizing services and supports as an integrated system of behavioral health and health care for out of home placed, court-involved and at-risk children and youth
  • Establish and maintain quality relationships with agencies, community agencies and other resources to facilitate appropriate referral recommendations.
  • Document all contacts and services in narrative form, enter data into the appropriate recording devices/database, and obtain all required supervisory signatures for service delivery.
  • Assist clients in accessing supports and services as specified on individual plans of care
  • Assist in facilitating education groups or if certification allows, therapy groups.
  • Provide input and recommendations for treatment planning
  • Work to resolve conflicts at the team level and effectively use supervision and management for further conflict resolution
  • Attend mandatory trainings and staff meetings. Does not lapse in required certification/licenses.
  • Adhere to all WRFCHCS policies and procedures and employment policies


  • Bachelor’s Degree required. Degree in social work, psychology or human resources required with certification obtained if available. Or a Registered Nurse with two years experience as a pediatric or public health nursing experience with trauma services experience. 
  • An Associate’s degree in criminal justice, social work, psychology, sociology, human development, emergency medical response or as a paramedic or a closely related field, with a minimum of 5 years’ similar or case management experience may be substituted when sufficient Bachelor’s degree personnel are present.  
  • All employees will agree to receive required certification training as such training becomes available and as eligible at no cost to the employee.
  • Must pass federal, state, tribal background checks and the Wyoming Department of Family Services Central Registry Check. 
  • Must pass a drug screen.
  • The applicant must have two (2) years of continuous recovery from addictive substance use and behaviors
  • Must have a valid driver’s license.

Working Conditions:

This is a full time 40 hour position that includes day, evening, overnight, and weekend hours in an assigned schedule, as well as coverage for holiday shifts annually. Requires flexibility to attend monthly meetings and training as needed.

Part-time positions are also available for weekends/evenings/overnight shifts and for on-call.  Weekends are defined as Friday from 5:00 p.m. through Monday Morning at 8:00 p.m. Work shifts may be arranged for 8, 10 or 12 hour periods for part time personnel.

This job announcement is not intended to be an exhaustive list of all duties, responsibilities, or qualifications associated with the position.

Communication skills are required to effectively to coordinate services between WRFCHCS and entities serving the Wind River Reservation. The ability and skill to compile and write reports from various documents maintained within WRFCHCS is essential. The applicant must have the ability to work under stressful situations and must be highly motivated to insure that the highest possible quality of care is made available to children and youth referred for services.

Supervisory Controls:

The Assessment Specialist CS is part of  WRFCHCS Community Assessment Center Response Team and specifically a staff member of the Case Management Department under direct supervision of the Case Management Director, Vivian Swallow. The supervisor sets all standards of work performance, develop deadlines and benchmarks for the work that needs to be completed.  The supervisor will directly supervise the delivery of services by the Assessment Specialist and shall arrange for all appropriate Community Assessment Response Team members sign off for all care plans and orders related to the delivery of services to youth served. The Assessment Specialist will perform the general and specific job duties of the position, maintains strict confidentiality of all client/patient information including all requirements of the Patient Protection and Accountability Act and Health Information Patient Protection Act, and established policies. The supervisor is kept informed of progress and potential issues.  The work is reviewed in terms of effectiveness in meeting expected results.


Guidelines include WRFCHCS policies, procedures, and manuals, as well as federal, state and tribal regulations, 

Factor 4-Complexity

The work requires knowledge of principles & practices in childhood trauma, social work and integrated systems approaches to health care delivery. Knowledge of the People of the Wind River Indian Reservation, tribal government structure and systems, including its health, welfare, and law enforcement/justice system is required. Must have knowledge of services to child victims of crime and children/youth and families in crisis, treatment and recovery. Must have the necessary knowledge and education to gain a thorough understanding of the existing patient population that WRFCHCS serves.  Requires the ability and business knowledge to develop calendars, schedules, data collection report, and informational/educational materials. Familiarity with or willingness to lean tribal laws and Minor in Need of Care and Juvenile Court procedures, Individual Education and 504 Act plans, and Mental Health, Developmental and Risk assessment instruments. General phone skills, office equipment, word processing and computer skills are required including use of Microsoft Office Suite programs and Google Documents.

Personal Attributes:  

The incumbent must maintain strict confidentiality and high ethical standards in performing the position.  The incumbent needs to be respectful, possess cultural awareness and sensitivity, be flexible, and demonstrate sound work ethics.

How to apply:

Complete a Northern Arapaho Tribal application form and submit it to the Northern Arapaho Human Resources program.  Applications can also be hand delivered to Northern Arapaho Human Resources at the Tribal Complex Building, located at 533 Ethete Road, Ethete, WY., or to the WRFCHC HR Department, at 511 N. 12th  St. E., Riverton, WY. Indian preference applies.

Application forms and the full job description can be obtained on the Tribe’s website at www.northernarapaho.com, or at www.windrivercares.com 

For more information please call 307-856-9281 Ext. 120.