Position: Language & Culture Commission Executive Director

Program:        Language & Culture Commission

Wage:             DOE

Opening:        October 2, 2019         Closing:          October 16, 2019


The Executive Director assists the Language and Culture Commission by overseeing all Arapaho language and culture matters, language grants and grant writing for the entity, ensures strategic planning is implemented tribally wide, conducts an Arapaho Language Assessment and report every three years, and is responsible for compiling an Arapaho Language Annual Report. The Executive Director will secure and administer funding for Language and Culture Commission’s Arapaho language efforts. He/ She will play a lead role in working with the Northern Arapaho Chief Executive Officer, Tribal Administrator, Individuals, foundations and corporations to significantly increase the funding of the Commission. The Executive Director will ensure the Language and Culture Commission maintain compliance with grant and external funding regulations, tribal resolutions, and tribal policy.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities:

  • General Duties
    • Develop working relationships with traditional and cultural citizens and entities of the Northern Arapaho Tribe.
    • Present finding in written form to the Commission
    • Assist in scheduling of events of special interest of the Commission
    • Oversee the coordination of details in program activities, event locations, speaker fees, clean up, etc.
    • Develop and implement strategic plans that meet the Language and Culture Commission strategic goals and objectives
    • Recruit and develop a team of fluent tribal elders to train young adults, instill Arapaho Culture, and provide instructions to apprentices and students who are learning Arapaho Language through the total Immersion and Master Apprentice methods
    • Ensures commitment to and compliance with all applicable tribal government resolutions
    • Create a culture of transparency and communication throughout the organization
    • Develop positive relationships with key stakeholders, including shareholders, reservation educational and social systems, universities, and tribal elders
    • Proactively address challenges in the internal and external environment to protect tribal cultural interests and all Arapaho Language and Cultural matters.
  • Grant Responsibilities – Seek, write and oversee grants that may be available to pay for expenses associated with Arapaho Language revitalization efforts for the Commission.
    • Provide administrative oversight on grants as follows: 
      • Regularly research the availability of grants from various agencies and foundations that the commission would be eligible to apply for, always looking to the Commission’s strategic plan and implementation plan to find grants that would assist in achieving the goals.
      • Write grant application to be submitted, narratives and budgets, to ensure processualism and completeness of applications 
      • Monitor grants to ensure that the Commission is compliant with tribal, state and federal requirements of grants regarding expenditures and reporting. Work closely with NAT CFO to ensure program narrative reports and financial reports for grant and professional and submitted in a timely manner
      • Provide staff training regarding grant expectations on an ongoing basis
  • Strategic Planning responsibilities:
    • Assist the Language and Culture Commission strategic planning. Update the current strategic plans of the Commission annually as the Commission modifies the current plan

Assist all staff with developing annual goals and objectives

  • Arapaho Language Survey:
    •  Prepare an Arapaho Language document every three years to survey Arapaho Tribal Citizens

Issue Arapaho Language Survey draft commissioners for input.

Run draft Arapaho Language survey through the Language and Culture Commission for approval.

Get Approval from Tribal Council to administer the Arapaho Language Survey.

Hire staff got assist in conducting the survey. Supervise those workers during the time they are employed to ensure surveys are completed.

Compile report for the Language and Culture Commission to use as support for grant applications and in other areas this information may be helpful.

  • Meeting Reports and Other:
    • Attend meeting as necessary to represent department, including but not limited to:
      • Bi-weekly Language and Culture Commission meetings
      • Coordinate quarterly meeting with all Arapaho Language instructor
      • Individual weekly meeting with Language and Culture Commission Chairman to update on activates
      • Tribal Council meetings
      • Any special Tribal Council meeting or work sessions of the Council where planning advice may be sought
      • Meet with strategic partners on regular basis for Arapaho Language efforts (i.e. University of Wyoming; Colorado University; other tribal language institutions, etc.) 

Prepare written monthly reports of activities to the Language and Culture Commission.

Prepare report for Tribal Citizens in quarterly Newsletters and the Annual Arapaho Language Report.

Maintain positive relations with other tribal, state, federal and local government, local reservation schools who serve Arapaho students, public agencies, tribal citizens, the general public and the media

Maintain a professional appearance in the community at all times

Travel on behalf of L&CC as requested and/ or necessary

Implement sections of Language and Culture Commission’s strategic plan specific Arapaho Language and Culture. Draft Arapaho Language implementation plan annually to accomplish goals set by the Language and Culture Commission in their strategic plan

Other Duties as assigned

Minimum Requirements

Education and Experience Requirements:

  • Bachelors Degree or at least 10 years combined experience working with the Arapaho Language and Arapaho Elders. A bachelor’s degree is preferred
  • Experience managing grant above $150,000
  • Possess Arapaho Language certification
  • Thoroughly familiar with the culture, history, and traditions of the Arapaho people   

Knowledge, Skills, Abilities:

  • Knowledge of language and culture commission policy and declaration
  • Knowledge of the Arapaho people
  • Ability to speak, understand, read, and write Arapaho Language
  • Knowledge of the best practice in the field of grant writing
  • Skill in planning, organizing, and evaluating grants and overall grant administration and compliance
  • Ability to identify define, acquire finding resources available to the Commission;
  • Develop and articulate strong goals, objectives and measurable outcomes:
  • Communicate persuasive statements;
  • Increase funding for Language and Culture Commission activities
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Ability to balance competing priorities to achieves goals and work under pressure;
  • In previous employment, demonstrated ability to be reliable worker – show up on time and consistent with the required work schedule

Criminal background check:

This position requires full compliance with the NAT Criminal background check ordinance. All candidates for this position must consent to a criminal history record check. No individual who has been convicted of any crime involving a sexual offense may fill this position.

The individual who holds this position is required to report any violation of a criminal statue within one working day of the charge or conviction to the individual’s immediate supervisor.

Preferred knowledge:

Through understanding of Indirect costs versus Direct costs.  

How to Apply:

Complete Northern Arapaho Tribal Application form and submit to the N.A.T Human Resources: P.O. Box 396, Ft. Washakie, WY 82514 or Submit in person to the Northern Arapaho Human Resources located at the Tribal Complex Building, 533 Ethete Rd., Ethete, WY 82520

Applications can also be obtained on our Website at www.northernarapaho.com Click on the online job application. For more information call (307)-332-2499. Fax: (307)-335-3596