Position: Transcriber/Archives Manager

Program:        Northern Arapaho Secretaries Office

Salary:            $15.00 per hour

Opening Date:           October 7, 2019                     Closing Date:             October 18, 2019

Job Description:

  • Transcribe all minutes of the Northern Arapaho Business Council (NABC) Meetings
  • If needed on an emergent basis, Northern Arapaho General Council excerpts
  • Maintains completed NABC meeting minutes in hard copy files (folders) and on computer flash drive
  • Development of a Tribal Records Management Program
  • Develop a Tribal Records Retention and disposition schedule
  • Organize archival records and develop classification systems to facilitate access to archival materials
  • Keep inventory and catalog all existing documents for storage and retrieving records
  • Transfer all inactive tribal records to a Tribal Records Storage facility
  • Scan all paper documents to digital data base.
  • Provide individuals with an Ordinance 31 form when they request copies of records.  Ordinance 31 requests must be approved by NABC
  • Cross reference all NABC and General Council minutes and resolutions.
  • Other duties as assigned or needed

The incumbent must maintain strict confidentiality and high ethical standards.

Advanced computer skills required.

Submit to a drug test and random drug testing thereafter.

The incumbent will be under the direct supervision of the Arapaho Tribal Secretary.

How to Apply:

Complete Northern Arapaho Tribal Application form and submit to the N.A.T Human Resources: P.O. Box 396, Ft. Washakie, WY 82514 or Submit in person to the Northern Arapaho Human Resources located at the Tribal Complex Building, 533 Ethete Rd., Ethete, WY 82520

Applications can also be obtained on our Website at www.northernarapaho.com Click on the online job application. For more information call (307)-332-2499. Fax: (307)-335-3596