Position: Collections & Distributions Specialist

Program:       Northern Arapaho Child Support Program

Reports to:     NACSP Administrator/Director          

Pay Range:    DOE

Opening:        November 7, 2019           Closing:   November 21, 2019

Position Summary (Primary functions and objectives of the job)

The Financial Support (FS) Specialist objective is to ensure establishment/up-dates of case accounts are made regularly, collections and distribution are tracked as required by NACSP Policies and Procedures as well as Tribal law, and records for clients and NACSP reporting are maintained as necessary.

The Financial Support (FS) Specialist will maintain a client caseload and be responsive to client information and be liaison with the Program Specialist.  Additional duties may be given when necessary.

Pre-employment drug screening and background check requires. Must clear a background check for legal action that involves fraud, theft, or civil non-payment of personal obligations. Must be able to clear bonding for cash handling and access to Tribal and Program money.

Principle Duties and Responsibilities (in order of importance, describe the work actually performed stressing the purpose of the work and the objectives to be accomplished.)

  1.  (70% of time) Set-up and Track clients in the NACSP Trust Account.

Objectives: Establish support obligations in the NACPS Trust Account based on legal orders of the Court, modify accounts in a timely manner, record and apply payments to obligations, ensure payments are appropriately disbursed.

  • (25 % of the time) Financial Case Management and working with clients.

Objectives: Will work on cases as they come in from Child Support Specialists, work with clients on their Child Support payments.

  • (5% of the time) Will be Back-Up and assist other C&D Specialist.

Objectives: The Financial Specialist will be back up and assist the other C&D Specialist in areas needed.

      Level of confidentiality required:   (X) High        (   ) Moderate   (   ) Low     (   )  Not an Issue

      Positions Supervised: None

      Decision-making responsibility: Review of the establishment and modification of client accounts,

      Preparation and initial approval on deposits and payments to the NACSP Trust Account.

      Level of authorized spending:  None. The FS Specialist will make budget recommendations on the

      Needs of the Financial Support Specialist for the delivery of NACSP Trust Account services.


      Education:          Preferred: 2 to 4 years of higher education

                                 Minimum: High School diploma or its equivalent

      Experience:       Preferred: 4 of related experience

                                 Minimum: 12 months of related experience.

      Licensure/Certificate:     (  ) Required         (  ) Preferred    (X) None

     Specific Training Required?    (  ) No          (X) Yes, list:  Basic Principles for Bank Trust

                                                                                                  Accounting: basic R & P records

                                                                                          NACSP C & D Spreadsheets.

                                                                                           OCSE 34 & 75 Fed. Reports

      Academic skill level required:

     Reading       (X)  High School Level            (   ) 2 Years secondary         (  ) college level            

     Writing:       (X)  High School Level            (   ) 2 Years secondary         (  ) college level

     Math            (   )  High School Level            (X) 2 Years secondary         (  ) college level

     Usual Work Schedule:

     (X) 40 hours     (   ) Part-time available (# of hours and work shift ____________________)

     (   ) Flex-time available   (   ) Telecommuting available (X) Other: Occasional travel on a

     Saturday or Sunday.

    Number of days of work per week: 5 days                 Regular Hours: 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

    Type of Shift:        ( X ) Day   (  ) Swing    (   ) Night     (   ) Rotating    (    )  Floating

    Travel Frequency:

    Between offices      (  ) Daily     (  ) Weekly   (   ) Monthly     (   ) Quarterly or less    (X) N/A

    Local – off-site       (  ) Daily    (  ) Weekly    (   ) Monthly     (X) Quarterly or less    ( ) N/A

    In State                   (  ) Daily    (  ) Weekly    (   ) Monthly     (   ) Quarterly or less    (X) N/A

    Out of State            (  ) Daily    (  ) Weekly    (   ) Monthly     (X) Quarterly or less    (   ) N/A

   Pace of Work:

   (  ) Slow             (  ) Moderate            (  ) Fast      ( X ) Very Fast

   Physical demands of the critical elements of the job:

   (  ) Lifting                                 (X) Standing                                 (X) Walking

   (X)Sitting                                  (X) Reaching                                (  ) Grasping

   (  ) Climbing                             (  ) Stooping                                  (  ) Crawling

   (  ) Rapid Movement                (  ) Continuous movement            (  ) Repetitive movement

   (  ) Working at heights             (X) Hand/eye coordination           (X) Balance           

   General strength and critical elements of the job:

  (X) Light                  (  ) Moderate               (  ) Heavy           (  ) Very Heavy

  Pace of Work:

  (  ) Slow                     (   ) Moderate              (  ) Fast              (X) Very Fast

  Type of Work Expectations:

  (   )  Routine, predictable tasks      (  ) Mostly routine tasks    (X) constantly changing task

  Describe special requirements or capabilities needed to do the job:

  Be able to multi-task at a high and efficient level, work independently with limited supervision,

  Proficiency with number/reading bank statements, familiar with Microsoft Word, develop and

  Maintain Excel spreadsheets, advanced inter-personal skills, and professional office skills.

  Critically important components of job:

  1. Basic account skills and understanding of NACSP Trust Account.
  2. Establish and modify Excel Spreadsheets for client accounts and intra-reporting.
  3. Work independently with limited supervision.
  4. Professional Office skills

  Established learning curve or probationary period for this position:  9 months

 Training provided: NACSP New Worker Training, NACSP Policy& Procedure Training, training as necessary on the NACSP Trust Account from the CFO. Training as necessary on OCSE 34 & 75 report forms.

 Policies and Procedures:  The personnel manual of the Northern Arapaho Tribe will govern Northern

 Arapaho Nation Department of Social Services. All employees are expected to be familiar with and abide

 By these directives. All employees will also abide by the Northern Arapaho Tribe Purchasing and

 Employee Travel directives.

Additionally, the position requires the employee to become and expert in the NACSP Policy and Procedures, in order to ensure Program staff complies with these objectives & responsibilities.

Special terminology used at worksites: Yes. Employees will learn the terminologies used at NACSP in the NACSP New Worker Training. This employee will also receive basic training on banking and checking for the NACSP Trust Account and the NACSP Collection and Distribution system.

Special clothing, uniforms, safety, equipment required: Yes, Employees are expected to dress business casual during office hours and may occasionally be required to dress professionally. 

Equipment to be operated;  Computer, photocopier, fax machine. LCD projector, microphone and recoding systems.

Worksite Considerations:

General strength and endurance requirements: Light

Materials to be handled: basic Office

Potentially dangerous components of job: None

Negative environmental conditions of worksite:

(  ) extreme heat or cold          (   ) dry or dusty              (  ) wet or humid     (  ) noise or vibration

(  ) Other:                                 (X) Not Significant

Safety Concerns:

(  ) Hazardous Chemicals        (  ) Dangerous Equipment                   (  ) Other Danger

(X) Not Significant

How to Apply:

Complete Northern Arapaho Tribal Application form and submit to the N.A.T. Human Resources: P.O. Box 396, Ft. Washakie, WY 82514 or submit in person to Human Resources located at the Tribal Complex Building, 533 Ethete Rd, Ethete

Applications can also be obtained on our website at www.northernarapaho.com  click on Online Job Application. For more information call 307-332-2499. Fax to: 307-335-3596