Advertising for Northern Arapaho Housing

Applications submit resume & cover letter to: Ms. Karen Black,

Can pick up & drop off application at: 501 Ethete Rd. Ethete, WY 82520 (307)-332-5318 or #11 Great Plains Loop, Arapaho, WY 82510 (307)-856-8712

POSITION: Intake Specialist

Classification: Full Time

Salary: DOE

Location: Ethete, WY

Must be able to start immediately

The incumbent of this position is responsible for addressing the needs of Northern Arapaho
Tribal members by providing intake applicant assistance through effective case management.
Intake Specialists will be responsible for the online and in-person application process from
inception to completion. Communication and meeting with applicants to ensure correct
documentation, compliance, timely manner submissions to the compliance officer, proper
documentation and that the applicant is not seeking services from other programs. Intake
Specialists will need to perform in a high-paced environment, be a self starter, highly driven and
meet the expectant weekly and monthly goals.
☐ High School graduate or equivalent, minimum of 2 years of experience in office work,
preferably in work requiring contact with the public. Would need excellent customer service,
communication skills. Must demonstrate good record-keeping, problem solving, prioritize
workflow and interpersonal skills. Must be a fast learner, highly dependable and have
proficient computer skills in Microsoft Office, Excel, database and electronic platforms. Must
be able to handle confidential information with discretion, have an exemplary record of
attendance and punctuality. Previous experience in administration, customer service, and
working with the public is preferred. Must possess a valid state driver’s license. Must pass a
drug test.
● Process paperwork for new clients efficiently and in accordance with policy and
● Manage large caseloads to meet weekly and monthly goals.
● Submit applications that are well documented in a timely manner to adhere to goal
● Communicate clear and concise next steps for applicants.
● Assist applicants from application submission to completion.
● Calculate assistance funding for each applicant according to federal guidelines.
● Written and verbal communication required: communicate at all levels.
● Will work closely with the Compliance Officer and Director.
● Communicate with other public assistance programs to ensure dual services are not
being provided to applicants.
● Perform outgoing calls to applicants, send emails, and answer phones

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