COVID-19 Related Financial Assistance Application

Important Please Read

All payments are going directly to vendors only!

You must include a copy of the bill you need credited along with your application.

If you do not have a bill in your name, please include a contribution statement from the owner to go with the utility bill under the homeowner.

You cannot claim any expenditures the tribe paid for as your financial loss, example; the NAT tribe paid for a hotel room for you to isolate in and you bring in a copy of the hotel receipt claiming it was your financial loss when in actuality the room payment was taken care of by the NAT.

This program is not intended to pay tribal member assistance simply because they tested positive. It is a program for tribal members that were financially burdened directly from COVID-19. Tribal members must be able to prove this financial loss incurred with proper documents.

If your medical records are not with the WRFCHC pertaining to your COVID-19 documents then you must complete a “release of information” (ROI) with the hospital or clinic you received services from. The ROI needs to include “Northern Arapaho Tribe/ Joshua Monroe” as the receiving party for your medical records. We must confirm all submitted documents to ensure proper information is accounted for.

Applicants do not need a positive test on file to qualify for services. (You were under direct orders to stay away from work/stay at home as a result of a positive member in your household)

You need to include documents proving you did not receive admin pay when you missed work.


Fill out your application online.COVID-19 QR Code