Wind River Reservation Fund

Advisory Panel Member Position Description 


Established by the Northern Arapaho Tribe in 2019 to enhance the health and welfare of Wind River Reservation residents, the Wind River Reservation Fund (the Fund) provides financial support for the creation, provision, improvement, and maintenance of recreational opportunities on the Reservation, especially those that serve children.

Wind River Reservation Fund Advisory Panel members award funding for recreational programs and projects on the Reservation that align with the mission of the Fund and maximize the benefit for Reservation youth. 

The Northern Arapaho Business Council (NABC), the Eastern Shoshone Business Council (ESBC), and the Community Foundation of Jackson Hole (the Foundation) each appoint one Advisory Panel member to form the Fund’s 3-member Advisory Panel.  Additional technical and administrative support is provided by the Foundation. Also, there is one high school student who is interested in community service who will serve as a youth representative on the Wind River Reservation Fund Advisory Panel.

Key Advisory Panel Member Responsibilities:

  1. Annually review and evaluate grant proposals, reporting recommended awards to the Foundation.
  2. Review grant reports from funding recipients, assessing financial and programmatic outcomes.
  3. Consistently participate in Advisory Panel meetings, at least twice a year.
  4. Assist in preparing reports for NABC, ESBC, and the Reservation community at-large regarding the Fund’s activities. 
  5. Act as an ambassador for the Fund within the community, sharing information on available funding, explaining application requirements, and encouraging the submission of grant proposals.
  6. Regularly interact with community members and participate in Reservation activities to enhance knowledge of community needs and existing programs.
  7. Develop an understanding of the Fund’s grantmaking process and the impact of award decisions on the long-term sustainability of the Fund.
  8. Establish and maintain an effective working relationship with the Foundation.


Advisory Panel members serve a 3-year term for a maximum of three consecutive terms if reappointed.


Advisory Panel members should have knowledge of and experience with the Wind River Reservation.  Familiarity with nonprofits and/or governmental agencies is beneficial, but not required.  The Advisory Panel member appointed by the Foundation may not be an employee or elected official of the Northern Arapaho Tribe or the Eastern Shoshone Tribe.

How to Apply: Any enrolled tribal member, who is not an employee or elected official of the Northern Arapaho or Eastern Shoshone Tribe may submit a letter of interest, resume, and references to  by the end of day Wednesday, May 12, 2021. Any interested high school student who is an enrolled member of either tribe is required to submit a letter of interest and at least one reference to the same email address by the same deadline.

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