Position: Arapaho Language Immersion Instructor

Department:              Northern Arapaho Language and Culture Commission  

Salary:                        $75.00/ Meeting

Hours:                        Two hours evening session once/week x forty weeks                       

Opening:                    November 15, 2021               Closing:          November 26, 2021


Arapaho language immersion instructors will assist fluent elder speakers provide quality Arapaho language instruction to Northern Arapaho Family Language Immersion Project participants.  Classes will be held once/week for two hours during the year.  Family language immersion classes will begin in October 2021 and conclude in September 2022.   Families will learn Arapaho language, history, culture, and life ways in an Arapaho language only venue. 


Instructor will assist with family language immersion classes each week.  Family language immersion classes will be held once/week at Wind River Tribal College in Ethete and Arapaho Immersion Preschool in Arapahoe, on a rotating basis.  

Meetings, Reports and Other:

The Immersion Instructor will assist with the development of weekly lesson plans.  Documentation will be submitted on a timely basis in order to purchase necessary supplies for the classes.  Attend regular planning meetings with the Project Director and elders. 


Proficient in Arapaho language.  Competent in Arapaho culture & history.   Ability to assist the elders with immersion class instruction.  Must be dependable and able to complete necessary reports as required.  

To apply:  This position is not salaried.  Immersion instructors will be provided a weekly honorarium and paid as a consultant through the ANA grant funding.  Please submit a letter of interest and resume to Marlin Spoonhunter, Project Director @ mspoonhunter@windrivertc.org or in person at the Wind River Tribal College in Ethete. 

This grant is funded by the Administration for Native Americans (ANA) Funding Opportunity Number HHS-2021-ACF-ANA-XN-0001.

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