Position: ​Gaming Regulator

Department:  Northern Arapaho Gaming Agency

Wage:             DOE

Opening:        December 22, 2021                Closing:  January 7, 2022

Position Summary:

The Regulator will be employed by the Northern Arapaho Gaming Agency and appointed by the Northern Arapaho Business Council.  The regulator may be fired only for cause and after notice to National Indian Gaming Commission (NIGC). Disputes over firing are to be resolved according to that section of the Secretarial procedures concerning the resolution of gaming disputes. (section III C)

The Regulator will be licensed by the Northern Arapaho Gaming Agency. The Tribe must provide an adequate and reliable yearly budget for the Regulator’s position. The Regulator’s expense from a previous year, based on hours required to perform work, will provide the basis reimbursement of the Regulator in subsequent years.

The Regulator will communicate directly with the NIGC regarding gaming activities of the Northern Arapaho Tribe.

The Regulator will work with the Northern Arapaho Gaming Agency, Wind River Casino Management and Northern Arapaho Business Council to assure that Tribal Casinos comply with all Secretarial Procedures and Appendices and Regulations.

The Regulator will notify NIGC at least (30) days before any other new casino game to be played at the Tribal gaming facilities.  Slot machines must be approved by a certified independent gaming laboratory before installation and are excluded from the 30-day notice, the Regulator will report to NIGC monthly of all slot machines that the Wind River Casinos have in played on the casino floors.

Job Duties:

The Regulator shall:

  • Ensure that the Tribe’s gaming facility develops rules and procedures for a system of internal controls for the new game that meets the minimum standards established in the Appendix to the Secretarial Procedures.
  • Require that the Tribe’s gaming facility provide appropriate training for all dealers, supervisors, surveillance personnel and any other employees involved in the conduct or regulation of the new game and for the NAGA, such that those employees have the knowledge and skills required under typical industry standards for the job function that employees perform.
  • Ensure that the Tribal Gaming Operation establishes a security and surveillance plan for the new game that meets the minimum standards established in the Appendix to Secretarial Procedures
  • Adopt rules of operation for the game that meets the minimum standards established in the Appendix to the Secretarial Procedures, including rules of play and standards for equipment.
  • Send documentation to NIGC that the preceding requirements have been met.

The Regulator and NIGC will meet in person or through conference call to assure that gaming is being adequately regulated, the parties may meet once each quarter to discuss the Tribe’s Class III gaming.  However, if at any time NIGC shall require the Tribe to meet more frequently.

The Regulator shall maintain and make available to NIGC a procedural manual for gaming facility employees that include rules and regulation of conduct and disciplinary standards for breach of procedures.

The Regulator shall notify NIGC of any regulations or procedures that the Tribe promulgates covering any of the following:

Limits on wagering

Limits on number of gaming devices, table games, etc.

Extension of credit

ATM’s and Credit Card advance machines

Check cashing

Program to address problem gamblers

Including training of Casino staff

Minimum payback value of credit; e.g. 75%, 80%

Death of a gaming patron

Redemption of gaming tokens, chips

Hours of Operation

Interagency cooperation – e.g. honoring of state or local police warrants.

Prohibition of Controlled Substances

Honoring of garnishments for child support, etc.

Minimum employee age

How to apply:

Complete Northern Arapaho Tribal Application form and submit to N.A.T. Human Resources: P.O. Box 396, Ft. Washakie, WY 82514 or submit in person to Human Resources located at the Tribal Complex Building, 533 Ethete Road, Ethete, Wy.

You can also apply online at www.nothernarapaho.com and click on online job application.  For more information call 307-332-2499 or fax to: 307-335-3596

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